Graphic Design Ideas

With the increase in Internet users reaching up to 3.9 billion as of 2018 statistics, the online market has become competitive with the businesses getting equipped with the latest tools and techniques. The businesses have multiple platforms available to launch themselves for brand exposure but what makes them stand out from others? The Differentiation in Brands is carried out by Graphic Designers introducing new graphic design ideas each day. 

Professional Graphic Designers are continuously working to ensure the quality of work improves with each coming day and months. Graphic Designing is a broader category and some remain in their subdomain. Though some opt to try out and practice new trends and technologies. 

Trying to figure out what designs would work best for your online business then the idea overall may seem exciting. The process of explaining the design requirements and reviewing designs is not just having a cup of tea. The graphic design needs arise from logo and extend to website design, social media profiles design, and much more like email marketing and regular social media posts design. 

We’ve written this blog post to make you aware of graphic designing trends so you are able to require the best possible solutions from Graphic Designing Services providers. 

The Dark Themes

Nothing as classy as black brand colors. The black is loved by masses and it has to be used very cleverly to make the black theme design pop up and amaze the audience. Black gives the feeling of royalty and business can build a very strong perception in consumer’s minds with effective use of Darkness in their Design. Dark colors are one of the popular graphic designing trends 2019 and the brands have confessed that they were able to effectively market their business with this type of branding. Graphic Designers have to be very careful with Text Placements in dark themes as simple black and white doesn’t work. This has to be some amazing contrast with the colors to produce a fabulous design. 


With so many fashion and lifestyle brands in the market, the business owners have to be vigilant enough to what works in getting the target audience attracted. The brands who are offering delicate and luxurious products can select the metallic themed designs where they can catch the audience’s attention at a glance. Love for metallic colors will never fade away and it produces harmony in the hearts. 

Painted Design

All the people don’t have paintings at their homes but still, you won’t see any person not loving or showing appreciation for a beautiful painting. The painted brush design is one of the best graphic design ideas where the audience is forced to stick their eyes towards the design. An inked or a painting style design communicates the sense of some serious and sophisticated message coming through your way so it can be an effective technique to grab the attention. But remember overuse or weak use of this style can have strong negative effects on the brand image. This should be delicately designed and text readability has to be ensured. 

Motion Graphics

Have you ever thought GIFS are more entertaining than simple Emojis? The case is the same with Motion Graphics and Static Design. These motion graphics are now increasingly used by marketing companies to instantly catch the attention of customers. The animations in design and moving or rotating logos are highly attractive and build a spectacular brand image. The website and application should be flash supported to incorporate motion graphics and animations. These are a bit costly but highly effective marketing trends that can be used. Graphic design trends are all about staying ahead of the competitors so go for it if you have the affordability. 

3D Design

With robust technological advances, 3D Design was imminent and it has been one of the most widely used graphic design trends nowadays. Companies now look to hire 3D graphic designers to take their marketing to the next level. 3D modeling nowadays is widely practiced in illustrations and commercial advertising after a successful launch in movies and animations. 3D typography is one of the forthcoming fonts now included in Adobe Fonts and has proved to be highly converting for brands. 

Real-Life Experience

With the E-Commerce websites boom and a huge number of customers turning towards online shopping, they are always looking forward to seeing how the ordered product will look physically when delivered.

Graphic Designing and Photography skills have to integrate skillfully to give a real-life experience of photos to the customers. These designs are static but they give the impression of floating and 3D Designs as 3D objects and traditional photoshoot are integrated skillfully by creative graphic designers. Business amazingly stands out with this type of graphic design ideas giving real experience to their customers about the things. 

Color Fields

Keeping things simpler makes life easier for everyone. Using colored boxes layout design with simple text placement with powerful fonts can also create a magnificent impression. The layouts obviously can be used differently and some curves or different shapes can be used. The advantage of this kind of design is Text is highly readable and brand colors are easily incorporated. This graphic design trend is simple and easy on the eyes while being attractive at the same time. This idea can be more useful in social media posts design where businesses companies have to constantly be active. 

Product Ranges

Normally, when there is a product to be sold, it comes in different variations and colors. All the available options to customers are to be instantly communicated to the customers in one single image design. 

These types of designs are commonly popular in the fashion and commodities industry. Now, this is a highly trending graphic design idea whenever there some variations available in the same product. Customers come to know exactly what a business is offering under one product so it has to be a very elegant and well-composed design. 

All the variations and colors are to be included in the design to show the product pattern with a nice background. So, ask your graphic designers to deliver product pattern images along with the solo ones. 

Animated Emails

The email subscribers are a valuable asset of any company and these are the loyal customers that want to remain aware of your brand offerings. So direct marketers are now using animated and flash banners to be sent to their email subscribers. These are highly attractive to the customers and they don’t have to read out long texts but a few seconds of moving mail can deliver all the messages effectively. 

The email campaigns for fresh stock arrivals or discounts available, entrepreneurs have to be very creative in getting the perfect emails designed for themselves. This can bring enormous ROI as a Direct Marketing Strategy. 

Use of Digits

Graphic Designers love to include some random digits to be used in the design and ultimately designing a viable image design. These can be some accurate numbers also showing the SKU of products or just include it randomly to fill up the empty space in the design.


The designs which break free from the symmetry rules are somewhat attractive and are really much in trend. Traditional shapes were the part of designs for ages but now we have moved to Asymmetric Layouts and they are doing pretty well to impress the audience. These types of shapes are usually not available with the Designing software like Canva so one has to be skilled with Graphic Designing to adapt to these kinds of graphic design ideas. The Asymmetric design speaks more of the creativity and sparks interest among the target audience. 

Color Transitions

Color transitions within the same design are one of the top trending graphic designing ideas. Duotones and the use of gradients have continuously evolved since inception and give an immensely attractive outlook for the viewers. These were also practiced in logo designing since unicolor logos were going out of fashion. The color combinations are to be selected wisely and content should be highlighted as much as possible. Often bold texts are suitable with color transitions in design. 

The question often Marketers and Business Owners ask is how they should approach all the rising needs to adapt to the graphic design trends and ideas in 2019? The answer lies with Brand and Marketing Consultants who can quickly figure out what can be best suited for a business and provide business plans. The creative graphic designers are quick to grasp the business concepts and produce marvelous designs higher than the expected level. 

Creating a positive brand image is the need of an hour in this competitive environment and one cannot thrive with a poor design strategy. Branding is what differentiates a company in the industry so you wouldn’t want to lack behind with the intermediary designs for your brand. If you want to avail of the Graphic Designing Services then you can contact About Designz for a free consultation.