This page is intended to declare the privacy policy of About Designz which intends to communicate how the information provided to us will be processed and used in the future. In the following text, the use of “us”, “our” and “we” will refer to About Design as an entity. 

We really value our website visitors and do not intend to steal any information which violates the privacy of individuals. Although there is some kind of information collected, you should go through our Privacy Policy to know about the practices we follow. 

Note: The privacy policy is subject to change in the future as decided by our policymakers. Any subsequent change will be notified to our subscribers and this page will be updated. 

The policy stated is the sole declaration of our practices and we do not endorse any company or website may be linked in our blog pages. We strongly recommend reading their policy statements before engaging with any of those websites.

Collection of Information

We save confidential information of customers who voluntarily fill out the contact and lead forms in our website. The details we collect regularly are name, email address, phone number and company the person is associated with. 

These details are only used by our Client Support team to respond to the queries the person has contacted us for. Until the client remains associated with our team to order Graphic Design Work, we remain in touch with them for that purpose only. This does not allow us to sign up the person for the newsletter on our own until explicit consent is provided. 

The information is not distributed and not accessible by all our employees. Only authorized individuals have access to sensitive information who are under contractual bindings. We do not sell our databases to third parties and we don’t even dare to ask our subscribers about this. 

If law and tax authorities ask for the information about our customers’ list then we may have to give in the information on the condition of data remains confidential. We do not intend to serve any other marketing campaigns with our mailing lists. 

Data Integrity

We have carefully selected our web and email servers keeping in mind our past experiences with the hosting providers. The company has opted for an expensive solution to maintain data integrity and allow us to declare that we have taken every step necessary to make our website secure.

The access to our servers is limited and we don’t permit the export of data from our systems. Data is updated automatically every 24 hours to keep check of our user preferences for the purpose of managing our mailing lists.

Cookies and Web Analytics 

This website uses cookies to collect data about website visitors. When a user lands first time on the website, a notification pops up to everyone about the cookies and it is upon the individual to allow them or not. 

Cookies enable the website to personalize user experience and fast load the webpages. This does not require visitors to sign in and the user is identified with their IP Addresses and Browser.

Along with cookies, we have also enabled web analytics tools like Google Analytics to maintain the reports of our website traffic. The internet user details such as the device, browser they are using, location and IP Address, and some generic details are collected by our Web Analytics.

This allows us to generate reports to evaluate our website performance and know about the source of website traffic. The source of traffic can be social media, search engines such as Google or from any other website link. The reports are shared with our decision-makers to decide about website landing pages optimization and focusing on profitable traffic channels. 

User navigational behavior and the time spent on page views is also recorded by our analytics without identifying the individual. This tells us the performance of our landing pages and lets analysts know the needs for enhancing the user experience of the website. 

The reports and data are not shared with any other entity outside the company and are the sole property of About Designz. Personal data is not collected without explicit consent and the users have to fill out the form to identify themselves to us. These cookies and tracking codes are used by almost every second website to help themselves grow.

Promotional Offers

We may opt to send promotional offers of our Graphic Design Services to both our client list and newsletter mailing list for revenue generation purpose. If any of the individuals don’t want to receive our attractive promotions then they can let us know to delete their stored contact details from our database. 

We aim to religiously follow our Privacy Policy as declared above and prevent any misconduct of data.