Features of Our Product Designing Services

We are the ones who master the process of turning the ideas into reality. About Designz implement the ideas in mind to a perfect engineered design for companies to introduce innovative products. Become a leader in the industry with our Product Designing Services. 

Unique Product Designing Services

From the first stage till last, we see things from the perspective of the end user so New Products are successfully launched and outperforms previously used the product. Conclusive research is performed to bring down all the valid requirements of the product to the table. The functions and feasibility of manufacturing are kept in check with the engineers during all the stages of product design.

Packaging Design Services are also provided by us as this is most crucial to make the product successful in the market. The product needs to be packaged for both protective and informative purposes so customers do not feel the problem of any kind. 

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Why Choose Our Product Design Agency?

A passionate team of Designers who are always looking for new challenges and help bring change in industrial environments. We love to discuss ideas and never ever think of disclosing the thought process of someone to any other individual or company. The confidentiality we provide and the trust we gain is appreciated by all our existing clients.

About Designz believes in bringing change to the lives of the people so we have always welcomed the new ideas and we visualize together with innovators during idea presentation. The ability to process the idea into a 3D model that can be implemented is quite commendable with our team members and we deliver with full capacity and honesty.



Can you exactly follow external PDS?

Yes. Product Design Specification (PDS) plays a vital role in letting the designers know exactly what needs to be crafted keeping all things in check during the process. This document comprises of minute details of the design after complete research and analysis.

Do you take care of Aesthetics?

Aesthetics of the product plays a vital role in making the product successful in the target market. We give the best shot in making the product stylish and try to give a decent outlook. All these processes are aligned with the manufacturing units then.

Are you able to do Integration?

The process from the beginning is integrated with all the engineering processes. During the planning and conception phase, all the factors are noted down and taken care of during the design process. If there are any changes recommended by the manufacturing team, Product Designers respond effectively.

How do you Evaluate Design Concepts?

With thousands of ideas in mind, only one needs to be finalized so according to points validated in PDS, one of the concept design is finally chosen with the consent of all the stakeholders. 

What factors are considered in Designing?

There are numerous factors considered in a real environment for product designing. From the customer’s point of view to competing trends, Ergonomics and materials which will be used to manufacture all are considered in the design stage. The sustainability and environment feasibility of design is also a concern during the process.