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We build an IT product design that is engaging, easy-to-use and responsive. We have combined UI and UX for providing an integrated platform with easy accessibility and responsive solutions. Our Design System ensures implementation of trending and standard practices to maintain the high quality of work. 

Our Mobile Application and Software designing expertise have helped quite a few businesses and agencies to get a well-crafted final product meeting all the requirements. The solutions provided are attractive and easy to interact with so users do not get irritated while using it. 

The concepts are quickly picked by our designers’ team and they make structured information to be used in the execution of the project. The ideas and concepts are developed efficiently to fulfill the purpose and goals.

Our Process of UI UX Designing

We have mainstreamed our process of UI UX Designing Services keeping all standards strictly implemented. The experience of more than half a decade in this field have allowed us to be more effective and delivering according to the expectations in the given time frame. 


Benefits of Our UI UX Designing

We begin with extensive research procedures once the concept of an Application or a Software is introduced to us. We do not hassle into forming designs but consume several cup of coffees while going through the research process. 

The process starts from researching about the competitors and similar products existing already. We go through their offerings and interfaces used with listing down of each of the functionality. These functionalities are then discussed and offerings of our IT product are finalised. 

We then see things from the perspectives of the target customer. In-Depth Customer Analysis allows us to prepare ourselves for the work that will be loved by the users. We make a list of additional improvisations along with basic functionalities to make a perfect design outlook.

With extensive research backing our planning process, the contents and functionalities are outlined in a proper structure. These wireframes help UI UX designers to understand what exactly needs to be done and they know what needs to be applied. 

The interaction design process is boosted as developers know about each of the element that is to be generated and integrated with each other. It is convenient to understand the requirements with the help of wireframes than the concept designs which are a bit complicated. So there is no room for ambiguity to exist at any stage of the designing and development.

Wireframes are approved by the project team and stakeholders before handed over to the project team. This is crucial as everyone will be on the same expectation level and work will be done within the scope of the project.

About Designz approach with which UI UX is developed is purely functional. Gone are the days when the whole website was fully developed in a static form from start till end. With increase in the scope of work and due to futuristic updates in mind, the approach to designing is purely functional.

We work on the UI/UX design listing functional requirements of all the pages and elements which will be interacting with each other. Each component design has to be designed and developed separately from other so applications can be dynamically updated without causing problems in other functionalities of the product. 

The experience in providing UI UX Designing services allow us to develop and design building blocks in quick time and also generate testable views to be checked at each stage. Then we integrate and compile to make application or software design ready to go through the testing process.

Before finalizing the project, we go through the process of Prototype testing so we come to know that everything is falling in line. It gives the chance to stakeholders and users to test the product and check the feasibility of the developed prototype. These are then discussed and any possible changes are noted. 

Do all the concepts make sense?

Is this the correct Interface with the right placement of elements?

We look for these types of answers in prototype testing and then modify it accordingly finalizing all the functionalities for the final product. About Designz is also accustomed to getting feedback from Testbirds prototype testing experts. Hence leaving no stone unturned in all the process.

With the design completion, it goes through a rigorous review process so that it ticks all the boxes of standards that are set for the product. 

A systematic process is adopted to check all functionalities and layout of elements. The design review is comprehensive and each of the minor details and its implications are checked. 

The capabilities and outcomes of the design is reviewed and A/B testing is done. Adaptation to all screen devices so the product does not lack anywhere when in use. Engineering Simulations and thorough examinations are conducted to complete the Design Review. 

All the feedback is documented and presented for the final set of changes. After those, we complete the delivery of UI UX Design.

Why Choose Us?

The proven experience backs our company profile in UI UX Design Services. We have the team that possesses commendable skills to deliver sophisticated, user-friendly and highly attractive designs. The goal we have set is simple:

Improving User Experience with extensive Research and Planning Process. 

With more than 5 years in this field, our UI UX designers know the secrets to designing an interface with ultimate user experience. Business Analysts and Project Managers have figured out smooth workflows to overcome the challenges in fast turnaround time. 

Brands have just got a few seconds to impress the customer or else they will shy away from so you don’t want to miss out on the potential revenue streams. Get in touch with us to know how we can help you with our UI UX Designing Services.


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